Hillary Clinton Hits Back: "I've Had One Concussion, Paul Ryan Has Had Three
Hillary Clinton Hits Back: “I’ve Had One Concussion, Paul Ryan Has Had Three (Credit: Wikipedia)

Hillary Clinton continues to hit back at the vicious right wing attacks about her health by turning the spotlight on the Republican Party’s hypocrisy. You will recall Karl Rove said she suffered brain damage as a result of her 2012 concussion.

Clinton told People magazine in an excerpt published by Politico’s Mike Allen, Rep. Paul Ryan, another 2016 presidential contender said he suffered at least three concussions. Um, that’s to her one concussion and no-one on the right is saying a thing about that.

Hillary Clinton said, “I did have a concussion and some effects in the aftermath of it, mostly dizziness, double vision. Those all dissipated.” She added that she was still taking blood thinning medication to address the blood clot, which occurred as a result of her fall and concussion, that led to her hospitalized in 2012.

She said, “It was funny: At the inauguration for President Obama’s second term, I was standing [with] Paul Ryan. I said, ‘Congressman, I read that you’re a great athlete. Have you ever had a concussion?’ ‘Oh, yeah. Three at least.  I said, ‘Were they serious?’ He said, ‘One was really serious. I’m so grateful to my mother, because she said, “You’re grounded. You’re going to rest until it goes away.” And of course it did.'”

Drudge Report was smacked down yesterday when the site, run by Matt Drudge, ran the People magazine cover asking if Hillary Clinton was holding a walker. The photographer later set them straight that she was gripping a chair.

We all know how Paul Ryan stretches the truth on occasion. Remember during the 2012 presidential campaign when Ryan claimed he climbed 40 fourteeners in Colorado in record time.


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