Meriam Ibrahim Case: Sudan Summons U.S. Ambassador as Diplomatic Spat Ensues
Meriam Ibrahim Case: Sudan Summons U.S. Ambassador as Diplomatic Spat Ensues

The U.S. is now in a diplomatic row with the government of Sudan over granting Meriam Ibrahim a visa after she was freed from jail on apostasy and adultery charges stemming from marrying Daniel Wani, a Christian man and for refusing to denounce her Christian faith. The government of Sudan has summoned the U.S. ambassador.

Ibrahim was freed from death row on Monday but was re-arrested hours later by Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) at the Khartoum airport as she and her family tried to leave the country. The NISS, whose personnel are known as the “Agents of Fear,” said on its Facebook page that Meriam Ibrahim and her family were attempting to travel to the U.S. with documents from the embassy of South Sudan. NISS said she was carrying a U.S. visa and that her attempts to use the documents were considered a “criminal offense.”

The U.S. State Department maintains they were told the family was not arrested, but Ibrahim’s lawyer Elshareef Ali Mohammed says she has been transferred from NISS to police detention.

I thought when the appeals court ordered Ibrahim’s release from death row that the case against her had been dropped. Why would she still have bail conditions to meet? The Sudanese government is playing a twisted game of gotcha with this woman’s life and I am afraid with every passing day there’s the real possibility she will be murdered.

Why in the world didn’t the State Department put the couple and their two kids on their plane to get them out of Sudan instead of allowing them to go through the usual process? Also, this family has been on the State Department’s radar since 2011 and they reportedly kept giving Daniel Wani, a U.S. citizen, the brush-off. Why? Because he’s black and from Africa? This is a disgrace and it could have all be avoided had someone given this man’s case some attention.

The Christian Post is reporting that Meriam Ibrahim was re-released. We’ll continue to monitor this story…..