70+ People Injured as 6.0 Earthquake Jolts San Francisco Region
70+ People Injured as 6.0 Earthquake Jolts San Francisco Region

**Gov. Jerry Brown Declares State of Emergency Following 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Rocking Bay Area.**

There are reports that 70+ people were injured, some still trapped as a 6.1 earthquake jolts San Francisco Bay Area. A mobile home park is said to be on fire. This is the strongest earthquake to rattle the area in 25 years. Bridge-structures and roads have been impacted by the quake. Numerous buildings suffered damage.

The quake was centered in the Napa County town of American Canyon. Historic buildings in Downtown Napa were severely damaged. Gas lines and water mains across Napa, Sonoma and Solano Counties ruptured, leading to fires. Highway 37 and State Routes 12 and 121 cracked, CBS local affiliate reports.

Gov. Brown issued the following statement:

“My Office of Emergency Services has been on full activation since early this morning and is working closely with state and local emergency managers, first responders and transportation officials to respond to impacts to residents and critical infrastructure. These public safety officials are doing all they can to help residents and those living in affected areas should follow their guidance and instruction.”