Izola Curry, the Woman Who Stabbed MLK in 1958, Living in Queens Nursing Home
Izola Curry, the Woman Who Stabbed MLK in 1958, Living in Queens Nursing Home

The Smoking Gun claims it has tracked down Izola Curry, the woman who stabbed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during his book signing at a New York store. Curry, who stabbed MLK with a letter opener in 1958, is said to be living at the Hillside Manor nursing home in Jamaica, NY. She is now 98 years old.

Convinced that King and NAACP leaders were surveilling her and conspiring to deny her employment, the delusional Curry approached the civil rights leader as he sat in a Harlem department store signing copies of his first book. She plunged the letter opener deep into the 29-year-old King’s chest after asking him, “Why do you annoy  me?” According to a transcript of Curry’s post-arrest interrogation, she calmly told investigators that her motive was self-preservation: “Because after all if it wasn’t him it would have been me, he was going to kill me.”

Curry, who pulled the letter opener from her purse, was also carrying a loaded Galesi-Brescia pistol, which was hidden inside her bra. Curry bought the gun a year earlier for $26 in Daytona Beach, but told investigators that she had never taken the weapon outside her home–until September 20, the day she stabbed King. Curry claimed that she had no intention to shoot King, but instead needed the pistol for protection in case the reverend’s followers attacked her.


While again conducting an every-few-years search for Curry, a TSG reporter discovered that an “Izola Curry” had registered to vote from a Queens address three months before the 2012 presidential election. A copy of Curry’s voter application form, obtained from the New York City Board of Elections, includes a Hillside Avenue home address and is stamped “NURSING HOME.” Most importantly, the document also lists the voter’s date of birth as June 14, 1916–identical to that of the “demented black woman” who tried to murder King.

Izola Curry, TSG discovered, has been living in Queens for about 40 years. While residing in predominantly African-American communities, she appears to have generated little, if any, notice. Which is understandable, since the details of King’s stabbing–let alone the name of his attacker–are largely lost to history. In fact, most Americans would be unable to name the man who actually succeeded in assassinating the civil rights leader. Source: The Smoking Gun