Frozen in Chaos: Jason Carter Reminds Voters of Nathan Deal's Snowjam Debacle
Frozen in Chaos: Jason Carter Reminds Voters of Nathan Deal’s Snowjam Debacle

NATHAN DEAL’S SNOWJAM 2014: Georgia gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter reminded voters in his latest campaign ad about the nightmarish “snowstorm” gridlock Gov. Nathan Deal presided over on January 28. You remember the 2-3 inches of snow that turned to ice paralyzing metropolitan Atlanta, making us the biggest laughingstock of the country.

Yeah, I remember. For me, a 30-minute ride turned into a 9-hour ride. Students were trapped in schools, motorists abandoned their vehicles on roadways, including interstates and freeways due to the near simultaneous release of thousands of students and office workers on streets that were untreated.

Gov. Deal got a do-over a few weeks later when icy weather pounded the city, but this time, more people stayed home and schools closed. The governor held frequent press conferences and staggered the release of state workers. Still, Jan. 28 stayed on the minds of many.

Here’s the transcript of Jason Carter’s ad:

Remember? Thousands of children stranded on buses and sleeping overnight in schools.

But Nathan Deal didn’t just fail our children in the snowstorm. He’s failing them every day in our schools.

Shortchanging education by $4 billion. 9,000 fewer teachers in the classroom. 80,000 fewer HOPE recipients.

Nathan Deal’s failure in the snowstorm is now a painful memory. But our children will be paying for his failures in education for a long time.