12-Year-Old Boy Shot by Cleveland Rookie Cop Over Toy Gun, Dies from Injuries
12-Year-Old Boy Shot by Cleveland Rookie Cop Over Toy Gun, Dies from Injuries

The 12-year-old boy shot by a Cleveland rookie cop because he over a toy gun, dies from the injuries he sustained in the shooting. MetroHealth Medical Center confirmed his death, 19 Action News reports. Samaria Rice, the boy’s mother, has a lawyer who will now speak on her behalf.

Earlier story on Cleveland shooting:

A 12-year-old boy was shot by a Cleveland, Oh., rookie police officer outside the Cudell Recreation Center late Saturday afternoon, after he pulled a BB gun from his waistband, Cleveland.com reports.

Police were reportedly responding to a call of a male with a gun outside the recreation center. The man who called 911 told the operator, “I’m sitting in the park…there’s a guy in here with a pistol, and it’s probably a fake one, but he’s pointing it at everybody,” the Daily Mail reports.

Deputy Chief of Field Operations Ed Tomba said the rookie officer saw a “black gun sitting on the table” when he and his partner arrived on the scene. The rookie officer “saw the boy pick up the gun and put it in his waistband,” Clevelan.com reports.

Tomba said the officer got out of the car, told the boy to put his hands up, but he reached for his waistband and pulled out the BB gun. The rookie officer then fired two shots hitting the boy in the stomach area.

This is a real tragedy. The child did not physically or verbally threaten the officer before he opened fire. Additionally, the dispatcher was already told the gun may not have been real.