Ferguson Mayor: New Scholarship Program to Recruit Black Police Officers
Ferguson Mayor: New Scholarship Program to Recruit Black Police Officers

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles said during a press conference on Sunday that Darren Wilson will not receive a severance package following his resignation from the Ferguson Police Department after he was cleared by a grand jury for the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Following the official announcement of Wilson’s resignation, Knowles said there were new initiatives that will be put in place to improve relations between the community and the police. Those initiatives include a task force which will meet weekly to review complaints and provide input on policy and procedures.

Knowles also announced a scholarship program would be established to recruit black police officers. They agree to work with the Ferguson Police Department for two years after becoming officers. He also said officers will receive a $300 stipend a month for living within Ferguson city limits beginning next year.

Knowles urged business owners not to give up on Ferguson. He pledged that the city not leave them and would rebuild following the fires, riots and looting that rocked the city following the grand jury decision.

Mayor Knowles also left the door ajar for more resignations as the city continues to grapple with the fallout from the grand jury’s decision. Many people have called for the termination of Police Chief Tom Jackson, who said he will not step down but left it up to the mayor and city administration to make a decision on his future.

Knowles said his department received Darren Wilson’s resignation letter one day after it was released to the media.