Jeb Bush Tech Officer Ethan Czahor Resigns Over Online Posts About MLK, Gays
Jeb Bush Tech Officer Ethan Czahor Resigns Over Online Posts About MLK, Gays (Photo Credit: Twitter via @czahor)

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s tech officer Ethan Czahor resigns over a bunch of inflammatory posts online mocking MLK, gays and women. He confirmed his resignation in a series of tweets: “i deleted some old jokes i made years ago that i no longer find funny or appropriate.”

Ethan Czahor was the tech officer of Bush’s political action committee, The Right to Rise PAC, which issued a statement, saying, “While Ethan has apologized for regrettable and insensitive comments, they do not reflect the views of Governor Bush or his organization and it is appropriate for him to step aside. We wish him the best.”

Then on Tuesday, the Huffington Post published inflammatory remarks Czahor made about minorities on the website of a radio program he hosted while attending East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania.

HuffPost accessed the now-defunct website of “The Ethan Show” through an internet archive. In a 2008 blog post, Czahor praised Martin Luther King, Jr. for wearing pants that weren’t “sagging to his ankles” and for not speaking in “jibberish” or “slang.” He went on to argue that the civil rights icon wouldn’t have supported affirmative action programs and declared that “black parents need to get their [email protected]# together.”

Neither Czahor or Right to Rise PAC addressed those statements about minorities. Source: Talking Points Memo

So much for Reince Priebus’ minority outreach. These conservatives just keep showing their true colors one election cycle after the next. It’s interesting when people like Ethan Czahor get called out for making derogatory comments, they always say they are learning….Really?