Presidential Wannabe Scott Walker Says He Doesn't Know if Obama is a Christian
Presidential Wannabe Scott Walker Says He Doesn’t Know if Obama is a Christian (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey)

Presidential hopeful Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) is going there — says he’s unaware whether President Obama is a Christian. Ini other words, if he isn’t a Christian he must be a Muslim. Yep, typical birther talk, but he’s forgetting one thing — Obama’s isn’t running for president again. He did that twice and won by a landslide each time. Walker is pandering to the extremists in the Republican Party and that spells doom for his presidential aspiration. What does President Obama being a Christian, or not, have to do with running the country? HYPOCRITES:

“I don’t know,” Walker said in an interview at the JW Marriott hotel in Washington, where he was attending the winter meeting of the National Governors Association.

Told that Obama has frequently spoken publicly about his Christian faith, Walker maintained that he was not aware of the president’s religion.

“I’ve actually never talked about it or I haven’t read about that,” Walker said, his voice calm and firm. “I’ve never asked him that,” he added. “You’ve asked me to make statements about people that I haven’t had a conversation with about that. How [could] I say if I know either of you are a Christian?”


“To me this is a classic example of why people hate Washington and increasingly they dislike the press,” he said. “The things they care about don’t even remotely come close to what you’re asking about.”

Scott Walker is appealing to right wing lunatics like Red State’s Erick Erickson who tweeted “I don’t think Barack Obama is a Christian. He certainly is not one in any meaningful way.” I cannot believe we are having this discussion, but good for the Democrats. It will  mean the Republicans will get another shellacking in the presidential elections as they did in 2008 and 2012. Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal and Rudy Giuliani attacking President Obama’s love for America and Christianity fits in quite nicely with the narrative that he’s a Muslim sympathizer. Clearly the wingnut have learned nothing from the last two elections.

I was on Walker’s side when they went after him for not having a college degree. I take that back.  I guess he is going to need the support of the fringe element if he is to run for the presidency, so why not alienate independent, black and Hispanic voters in the process. Yeah, white extremists are all he needs to win the election–not. It’s a sad commentary that this is what the conservative movement has become–a bunch of extremists who seem to long for the days when only whites had all the power.