Byron Allen Says Al Sharpton Being Used by "White Masters at Comcast, AT&T"
Byron Allen Says Al Sharpton Being Used by “White Masters at Comcast, AT&T” (Photo Credit: CNN Video Screengrab)

Byron Allen, CEO of Entertainment Studios, who filed a discrimination lawsuit along with other black media owners, against Comcast and Time Warner Cable, continued his attacks on Al Sharpton during an appearance on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter.

Allen slammed Sharpton as the “least expensive negro.” He said Sharpton is nothing more than a “black pawn” in a “white chess game” and his being used by his “white masters at Comcast and AT&T.”

Allen said the mentality of Comcast and other companies is “don’t do business with real African-American-owned companies, just give him $50,000 and a bucket of chicken and we’re good. We won’t have any problems with real African-American-owned media.”

Allen said he was a “legitimate entrepreneur” and is the victim of Comcast’s “financial genocide.” He said Al Sharpton was the “shakedown.” He alleged AT&T spent more money on Sharpton’s birthday bash than they spent on Ebony Magazine.

Allen slammed MSNBC for giving Al Sharpton a primetime television show and paying him $750,000 yearly, despite having “notoriously low ratings.” He said this was done in exchange for his public support for Comcast on diversity issues. I have previously raised my suspicions about Sharpton’s show. There are so many other qualified black media personalities that could have brought more to the 6 p.m. timeslot than Sharpton.

Byron Allen said it was racist to think that Al Sharpton is the “go-to person” for blacks.  Um, I know that Sharpton doesn’t speak for me.

Watch Byron Allen ripping Rev. Al Sharpton: