LMAO: Dick Cheney Accuses President Obama of Playing Race Card
LMAO: Dick Cheney Accuses President Obama of Playing Race Card (Photo Credit: DoD photo by Cherie A. Thurlby)

LMAO: Former vice president Dick Cheney is accusing President Obama of playing the race card. Cheney, who gave his thoughts on Ferguson in the April issue of Playboy magazine, believes Eric Holder also played the race card.

If anyone should know about race relations in the U.S., it would be the person who voted against the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and whose daughter, Mary Cheney, compared dressing in drag to blackface.

Cheney said Obama is playing the race card to excuse criticism of his record as president. He said, “My view of it is the criticism is merited because of performance — or lack of performance, because of incompetence. It hasn’t got anything to do with race.” Gee, life was so great under his tenure as VP. The interview was conducted by Fox News’ James Rosen so don’t expect it to be favorable in any way to the Obama administration.

With any luck, the constant attacks on Obama along racial lines should encourage more blacks and Hispanics to go out in vote in the 2016 election. The Republican Party seems to have forgotten Obama won by a landslide twice, quite the opposite of George W. Bush’s two wins.

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