Mayoral Candidate Bill Helton Under Fire for "Pollyester Kotton" Blackface Character
Mayoral Candidate Bill Helton Under Fire for “Pollyester Kotton” Blackface Character

Bill Helton in blackface as Pollyester Kotton

Bill Helton, a white mayoral candidate for Elk City, is under fire after several YouTube videos surfaced of him dressed as a black woman.

In the video, Helton, who is also an Elk City commissioner, is seen dresssed as a black woman called, “Pollyester Kotton.”

Helton, who is also a hair stylist, told KFOR that “the character came about from one of my clients, who was African-American, from Texas.”

He told KFOR that he has raised money for people in need through appearances at numerous community events while dressed as Pollyester Kotton.

Bill Helton said, “Anyone that’s offended, I would sit down and talk to them. Because my heart is, I would never do that and want to help whoever I can help.”

He added, “I don’t see myself as being racist, I’ve got great, great friends who are African American.”