runnin n*gger "Runnin N*gger" Targets Sold at South Dakota Gun Show
“Runnin N*gger” Targets Sold at South Dakota Gun Show (Photo Credit: KSFY Video Screengrab)

runnin n*gger

A South Dakota vendor was banned from a South Dakota gun show after selling racist “runnin n*gger” targets.

The targets, which was being sold for 10 cents each, featured a caricature of a black man with the caption, “Official RUNNIN NIGGER Target” across the top.

KSFY reports Bob Campbell, the gun show’s manager said he was “disgusted” by the flyers and assured reporters that they were snuck into the event without their knowledge. He said organizers examine all merchandise before they are allowed to be sold at the gun show.

The vendor was asked by a reporter from KSFY why he decided to use those targets. He said, “Why aren’t they there?” “You know, there are some black people, and then there are some Negroes.”