ryan elliot giroux Ryan Elliot Giroux ID'd as Mesa Shooting Suspect
Neo-Nazi Ryan Elliot Giroux ID’d as Mesa Shooting Suspect

Ryan Elliot Giroux

Ryan Elliot Giroux has been identified as the Mesa shooting suspect, Arizona Central reports. He fatally shot one person and wounded five others during a shooting rampage on Wednesday.

Giroux reportedly has neo Nazi ties.

The Arizona Republic reports that the suspect was taken into custody shortly before 1 p.m. He was found in a vacant condominium. He was hit with a stun gun. He was seen being led to a police car wearing a haz-mat suit.

The shooting began at about 8:45 a.m. at the Tri-City Inn, when three people, one male and two females, were shot inside a room. The male was later pronounced dead. The suspect then stole a car at a nearby restaurant run by the East Valley Institute of Technology. He shot the carjacking victim, Mesa police said.

The Mesa police have not confirmed that Ryan Elliot Giroux is the shooter, but he matches the description of the suspect they were looking for.