ted cruz baltimore protest
Baltimore Protests: Ted Cruz Blames Obama for “Inflaming Racial Tensions” (Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey)

I will admit, I pay very little attention to anything Canadian-born GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has to say, because it usually borders on idiocy. But this one takes the cake. He accused President Obama of inflaming racial tensions in the US over the Baltimore protests stemming from the death of Freddie Gray.

Um, if anyone knows how to bring people together, it’s Ted Cruz, even if it’s to the brink of financial ruin, as we saw with the government shutdown he engineered over Obamacare.

Cruz said at at U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event, “President Obama, when he was elected, he could have been a unifying figure,” Politico reports.

He went on, “He could have chosen to be a leader on race relations and bring us together. And he hasn’t done that, he’s made decisions that I think have inflamed racial tensions that have divided us rather than bringing us together.”

Yep, Ted Cruz opened his mouth and crap fell out….

Here’s what President Obama had to say about the Baltimore protests that turned violent:

“If we think we’re going to send police to do the dirty work of containing the problems that arise there — without as a nation and society saying what can we do to change those communities, to help lift up communities, and give those kids opportunity — then we’re not going to solve this problem.”

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