Clarence Habersham Walter Scott shooting video
Law Group Wants Clarence Habersham, 2nd Officer in Walter Scott Shooting Video Arrested & Fired (Photo Credit: Video Screengrab)

Walter Scott shooting video

The National Bar Association has called for the “immediate arrest and indictment” of Patrolman First Clarence Habersham, who was the second officer shown in the video following the shooting death of Walter Scott by officer Michael Slager.

The NBA issued a statement on Friday demanding that any other North Charleston cops, in addition to Habersham, who allegedly filed a false police report should be fired.

The National Bar Association claims Habersham “deliberately left material facts out of his report,” after Scott was killed by Slager, whose account also contained falsehood.

Clarence Habersham, who is black, made no reference to any of Michael┬áSlager’s actions in his terse official report. He simply stated he rendered first aid to Scott and advised the EMS of the quickest route to the hospital.