Michael Brown's Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Ferguson
Michael Brown’s Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Ferguson

Michael Brown wrongful death lawsuit filed.

The family of Michael Brown files wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Ferguson following his shooting death by then-police officer Darren Wilson. The family’s lawyer Anthony Gray said they will present information that was not disclosed in the grand jury proceedings. The case number is 15SL-CC01367.

The lawsuit, which was filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court, names former Police Chief Thomas Jackson and Darren Wilson as defendants, in addition to the city of Ferguson.

According to the lawsuit, Darren Wilson is accused of violating the teen’s civil rights because of his use of “excessive and deadly force,” as well as the “deprivation of liberty without due process of the law and equal protection of the law.” The lawsuit alleges that as a result of the civil rights violation, Mike Brown Jr. “suffered severe, painful and fatal injuries.

Further, Wilson is accused of making an “unconstitutional stop and/or detention” that led to the teen’s death. Wilson “escalated the situation by using profanity towards MBJ and witness Johnson when it was unnecessary unjustified,” the lawsuit states.

Darren Wilson is accused of “excessive force, MBJ was deprived of his rights to be free from unreasonable detention, due process of law, equal protection and the right to life guaranteed to him by the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments.”

During the press conference, Gray said the “hands up, don’t shoot” statement didn’t come from Michael Brown but from Darren Wilson as he recounted the shooting to his supervisor.

Attorney Benjamin Crump said during the presser, that Darren Wilson was never cross-examined under oath. He urges people to look at the evidence in the case and see that the “police narrative contradicts the objective evidence,” as has been seen in the Eric Garner and Tamir Rice cases. He said the list goes on and on. He said “America cannot go on sanctioning the killing of unarmed people of color.”

Crump said that Wilson should not have used such heavy force that led to Michael Brown’s death during the encounter.

Crump said as they go forward with the case, Wilson will be cross-examined during the trial. He expressed disbelief that the shooter of an unarmed teenager was never questioned under oath for his actions.

Attorney Gray said there was no struggle over the weapon as Wilson claimed. He also asked if Brown was reaching for his waistband, how come the same arm was riddled with bullets?

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