TNT Academy Nancy Gordeuk
Principal Nancy Gordeuk Shocks with Racist Comment During Graduation Ceremony (Photo Credit: YouTube)

SMH: Nancy Gordeuk, founder and operator of TNT Academy in Lilburn, Ga., is under fire for racist comments she made at Friday’s graduation ceremony.

According to media reports, Gordeuk “accidentally” dismissed the senior class early without allowing the valedictorian to give his speech. She is accused of saying, “look who is leaving, all the black people,” after becoming upset with some of the students and their families.

Gordeuk’s exact words:  “You people are being so rude, to not listen to this speech. It was my fault that we missed it in the program. Look who’s leaving… all the black people!”

Um, sounds like Nancy Gordeuk had a flashback to the 1960s….I’m just saying.

Gordeuk has since issued an apology for her racist tirade. She said that her emotions got the best of her. On the other hand, her son, Travis Gordeuk, went on his own racist rant on Facebook, posting: “Yall niggas aren’t talkin about shit so if u got somthing to say come see me face to face.” Here’s a screenshot:

nancy gordeuk
Travis Gordeuk defends mother’s racist rant with his own






Watch Nancy Gordeuk go on epic rant: