bill maher on caitlyn jenner
Bill Maher Rips Caitlyn Jenner Praise Saying She’s “No Rosa Parks” (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Bill Maher ripped Caitlyn Jenner adoration on his HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday, saying she’s “not Rosa Parks.” Amen. I just don’t get the feeding frenzy surrounding Bruce Jenner’s decision to come out as transgender. Big deal.

Maher said, “This is a has-been from reality TV who got breast implants.” ”This is someone who used to be Kim Kardashian’s stepfather and is now Kim Kardashian’s stepmother. She’s not Rosa Parks.”

The public adoration reeks of hypocrisy and shallowness. Personally, I think the Kardashian-syndrome is at play here — the insatiable need for publicity, no matter the cost. To echo a comment made by former president Bill Clinton during the 2008 president election, “it is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.” She’s no trans pioneer but someone who could make a lot of money from his decision. Rapper Snoop Dogg recently called Jenner a “science project.”

Watch Bill Maher go in on Caitlyn Jenner adoration [Warning: Strong language]: