bob corker on confederate flag
GOP Sen. Bob Corker: “I’d Vote to Take Down Confederate Flag”

GOP Sen. Bob Corker (TN) says “I see no reason for it to continue, I would certainly vote against flying the flag and my sense is that’s what they are going to do,” The Hill reports. This comes as nine black church members were killed by 21-year-old Dylann Roof in a racially motivated mass shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston last Wednesday.

The issue of whether the Confederate flag should still flight on South Carolina’s capitol grounds has been revived by last week’s violence. The alleged shooter reportedly wrote that he wanted to start a race war, and pictures of him holding a Confederate flag have surfaced.

Corker said the issue of whether to fly the flag is up to South Carolina, but said he would vote to take it down if he was in South Carolina.

“It serves no purpose anymore, especially after what has occurred,” said Corker, who noted he was born in South Carolina and lived there the first 11 years of his life.

“I love South Carolina, but I think in light of what’s happened, there’s no question in my perspective over what ought to happen.,” he said.