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Miami Herald Columnist AJ Delgado Tweets Dylann Roof Doesn’t Look White

Miami Herald columnist A. J. Delgado’s¬†tweeted that Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof doesn’t look white.

Delgado tweeted that “even if a white supremacist, their targets/hatred isn’t usually church-going African Americans.”

Um, I guess she didn’t hear about the racist attack on the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., that claimed the lives of four black girls in 1964. Um, the church was firebombed by white supremacists. She has since deactivated her Twitter account.

Delgado’s position comes from an undying commitment to perpetuating the myth of white innocence.

Here are A. J. Delgado’s tweets about Dylann Roof [H/T Addicting Info]:

AJ Delgado on Dylann Roof
Miami Herald columnist AJ Delgado tweets about Dylann Roof
AJ Delgago on Dylann Roof
Miami Herald columnist AJ Delgado on Dylann Roof