Charleston church shooting
#BREAKING: Multiple Injuries, Fatalities in Charleston Church Shooting (Photo Credit: Facebook)

BLACK CHURCH SHOOTING: Multiple victims, including fatalities, in Charleston church shooting at Emanuel AME Church, suspect described as white male.

#BREAKING: There are reports of multiple victims in a Charleston church shooting, MyFox8 reports.

The shooting occurred at the Emanuel AME Church on Calhoun Street in downtown Charleston at about 9 p.m. The shooting occurred during Bible study at the church.

According to MyFox8, “multiple media outlets, citing scanner traffic, say this may be a mass shooting situation.”

Valencia Wicker tweeted, “Suspect is a white male 21-years of age, grey sweatshirt/hoodie, blue jeans, timberland boots, clean shaven.”

The Charleston Police Department basically confirmed Wicker’s tweet:

The Emanuel AME church, which is the oldest historically black church in the South, was co-founded by Denmark Vesey, who planned a slave revolt in 1822. The Reverend Honorable Clementa C. Pinckney is the pastor at Emanuel AME Church.