Omar Currie
3rd Grade Teacher Omar Currie, Vice Principal Resign Over Gay Fairy Tale (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Omar Currie, a third-grade teacher at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School, and the assistant principal resigned amid controversy over a gay fairy tale he read to students.

Currie and Meg Goodhand submitted resignation letters on Monday, the News & Observer reports.


Currie had said he would resign because he felt administrators did not support him after he read “King & King,” in which two princes fall in love and get married. He has said he read the book after a boy in his class was called gay in a derogatory way and told he was acting like a girl.

A school review committee upheld the use of the book twice. But Principal Kiley Brown told Currie that teachers would have to submit a list of all books they read to parents.

My Two Cents: While I am not bothered by the subject matter of the book itself, however, it is a very sensitive subject and the list should have been sent to parents before the book was read in class. As a parent, I have received notification about movies that were being shown in class and there was an opt-out clause if a a parent didn’t want their kid to watch it.