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Rachel Dolezal Slams Blackface as Racist While Wearing Blackface

Rachel Dolezal says, “I identify as black,” while saying her blackface isn’t the “Birth of a Nation” blackface freak-show mockery of a performance.”

Former NAACP Spokane chapter president Rachel Dolezal appeared in an interview on NBC’s “Today” saying, “I identify as black.” She said she identified as black for survival. Really? Um, this is probably the first time a white woman did that just for the hell of it. She said she started having racial identity issues when she was five, when she was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon. She said the timing of being outed was shocking.

She said that she started “deceiving” people when she was referred to as transracial, mixed and biracial in newspaper articles, including when she was doing human rights work in north Idaho and when she reportedly found a noose in her garage. She told Lauer that she never went back to correct the erroneous reporting.

Matt Lauer asked “Have you done something to darken your complexion?” In other words, wearing blackface. She said she didn’t but in reality, she did. She said she doesn’t put on “blackface as a performance,” nor does she “stay out of the sun.” She never really answered Lauer’s questioned but danced all around the issue. She said, “I have a huge issue with blackface.” She equated the blackface issue with “Birth of a Nation” as a “freak-show mockery of a performance.” She said her “blackface” is on a real, connected level. She said the point at which being black was “solidified” came when she got full custody of Isaiah Dolezal. She said she can’t be seen as white and be Isaiah’s mom.

She said Albert Wilkinson, the man who she claimed to be her father, approached her in north Idaho and the father-daughter relationship began at that point. She said anyone can be a father but not everyone can be a dad. Again, Rachel Dolezal danced around Lauer’s question.

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