white pastors and social injustice
Dear White Pastors, Bishops, Apostles and Leaders: Your Silence is Deafening [Pictured Andre Barnes]

Ref: Silence Amongst Injustice

Scripture Reference I Chronicles 12: 32; And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.

To My Brothers and Co-Laborers of the Gospel of Christ,

Greetings to each of you in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. I take this time after much prayer, thought, and reflection to write this open letter to seek understanding concerning your Silence Amongst Injustice? In light of recent events of on Wednesday June 17th, 2015 at Emmanuel AME Church where a 21 year old white man committed one of the most evil acts of racist terrorism of our modern day by taking the lives of 9 people (all African American/Black) under the view point of hate, racism, clocked under the Confederate Flag; stating that his purpose was to kill black people because of our raping your women and taking over your country! Some claimed that this was his Heritage?

What Heritage? Let me see… A heritage of enslaving a people, burning them, castrating them, raping and stealing of a culture, a supremacy complex, a disdain for because of heritage founded on hatred! A heritage supported and awarded with the symbol of the Confederate Flag raised on the front lawn of our Capital downtown Columbia and on his license tag! What bothers me is – he’s not old enough to know heritage! He’s 21 years old! He hasn’t been around long enough to know heritage – he was taught Hate!!! He was doing something in the name of “white supremacy!” He will and has made history, like the bombers in Alabama, the shooter in Memphis, the abusers in Selma, and every other evil crime inflicted on our people in the name of “white supremacy!” He will be declared mentally ill – when the issue is really beyond mental for hatred goes into the depth of the soul! Hatred is deep and in the very fabric of America!

Here’s where you come in or rather should have come in? I was trying to figure out what was missing. We have people of all races gathering together in vigils and rallies to worship and protest. But, if they do those thing I just listed in anger they are called a mob of ignorant and emotional thugs, gangs, and the scum of America. If they do it civilly then they are what makes our country so beautiful. As long as we are singing, “We shall overcome some day” it’s lovely, But nothing gets done. No changes are made. No changing of the laws or legislation. Just a wonderful expression with photo ops for those deemed worthy by the media. Still, nothing changes.

I asked myself what was missing. I mean, we often get a letter or two from the Denominational Headquarters, Schools, Businesses which contribute monies and assistance. BUT, where are you? Notice I’m writing the the HEADS not the Parts; for the parts are present but the heads are missing! The head pastors are to advise our government leaders. They attend your churches and will honor God’s Word if you require it of them. What’s missing is your voice and deliberate presence towards our government leadership. We (the people) can only conclude that you are absent on purpose! You aren’t speaking to the powers that be, because you agree with the oppression of people!

Here’s an honest, loving, yet deliberate question. Have the robes of the KKK been traded for uniforms of police, military, judges, and white clergy leadership robes? It has to be, because there’s no way in God’s Name that you can sit by and say nothing? You say nothing to be politically correct or to protect your politics in Jesus Name? You say nothing because your 1st Church of This or That has received federal funding? You say nothing because you are afraid of repercussions of being called a lover of Blacks? You say nothing because Black Lives (Minorities) don’t matter to you? Or, Do you say nothing because you agree with the oppression of the least, the left out, and the over looked? Which is it? Because you can’t say, that the Lord hasn’t prompted you to say something?

Isaiah 56:10; His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Meaning they are dull of insight, diluted from truth, can’t even warn the land of impending danger because of the approaching judgement upon America (I know this text is about Israel, but don’t jump all seminary on me now), sleeping like all is well because you’re benefiting from the injustice in the land, and loving to play dumb like you don’t see it. The reason this hasn’t changed is because YOU DON’T WANT IT TOO!!!! Your back room discussions, and twisting of God’s Word for selfish gain will come to naught!

You enjoy your perceived power and are afraid that if you do justice that the minority will do to you that which you have done to us. America is in deep trouble and we don’t have time to get back at you! We need a revival and it’s coming with or without you! Understand that your time is short and you must get right before you get left. There is a remnant in the earth that will and are rising up, repenting, and hearing the warning of the Lord in the Land. This letter is one said warning!!! I know some of you have grown so arrogant that you think you’re god yourself, but you will bow! There won’t be a race war because the power of the people will over throw your plans, and your consent through silence.

You are commanded to open your mouths or lose your voice!!!! Repent, agree with God and leave an honorable legacy for your children in the earth! Your Silence Is Consent!!! While everyone is marching, praying, gathering, protesting, and dying; all you have to do is call in those in leadership from your churches in government and tell them the word of the Lord in this Racist Nation… everything won’t change over night but it will change.

My Caucasian/White) Pastors, Bishops, Apostles, Popes, and Leaders Of The Major Church Denominations In The Body Of Christ, Where Are You and Why Are You So Silent?

Andre’ C. Barnes, Pastor
P.O. 291692
Columbia, SC 29229
[email protected]