bill cosby drugged andrea constand
Bill Cosby to Andrea Constand: “Tell Your Mother About the Orgasm” (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Bill Cosby admitted to drugging Andrea Constand during a 2005 deposition in a civil lawsuit she brought against him. After her mother found out that he had drugged and molested her, Cosby instructed her to “tell your mother about the orgasm,” the New York Times reports.

The deposition portrays Cosby as a philanderer who had no qualms that his behavior was predatory. He described his many sexual encounters with young women in graphic detail, while defending himself.

Under oath, Cosby said his relationship with Constand started after he spotted her on the campus of Temple University in the early 2000s. He claims he gave her Benadryl, during an encounter at his Pennsylvania home, to relieve stress and then had sexual contact with her.

Constand moved back to Canada at some point and her mother was made aware of what happened with Cosby. ┬áHer mother said called what happened “a mother’s worst nightmare.” What Cosby worried about was that Constand’s mother would view him as a “dirty old man.”

Cosby wanted Andrea Constand to tell her mother “about the orgasm” so that she would realize it was consensual. He also offered to help pay for her education because he was worried that Constand and her mother would try to embarrass him in the future.