alabama state trooper confederate flag
NAACP Wants Confederate Flag Removed from Alabama Troopers’ Uniforms, Cruisers

The NAACP of Huntsville has called on the state of Alabama to remove the Confederate battle flag symbol from police cruisers and uniforms used by Alabama State Troopers.

The Confederate battle flag is included in the Coat of Arms of the State of Alabama.

Rev. Robert Shanklin, NAACP of Huntsville spokesman, told  WAFF that the flag should be removed. He explained, “The time is right, and I just think it needs to be.” “We need to do a clean sweep. The state and local government, anywhere that that’s located.”

The Alabama Highway Patrol said a decision to the NAACP local chapter’s request is in the hands of Gov. Robert Bentley (R).


Separately, the NAACP Atlanta chapter officially requested that the carving of Confederate generals Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis be removed from Stone Mountain. Just my two cents…that’s not happening.