darren wilson on michael brown
Darren Wilson: Michael Brown Murder “Makes Me Unemployable”

Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, said he had interviewed for police positions but was told he would be a liability. He told the New Yorker, “It’s too hot an issue, so it makes me unemployable,” he said. Um, he’s more employable than Michael Brown will ever be! Humanizing Darren Wilson won’t do much to appease his critics. In fact, he’s trying to paint himself as the victim and clearly he’s not.

During our conversations, Wilson typically sat in a recliner, holding his baby daughter, who was born in March. He said that, after Brown’s death, people “had made threats about doing something to my unborn child.” Wilson, a former Boy Scout with round cheeks and blue eyes, speaks with a muted drawl. When Barb went to the hospital to give birth, he said, “I made her check in anonymously.”

Wilson said that he had interviewed for a few police positions but had been told that he would be a liability. “It’s too hot an issue, so it makes me unemployable,” he said. He tried not to brood about it: “I bottle everything up.” Source: New Yorker

Here’s another section that sums up who Darren Wilson really is:

At one point, I asked Wilson if he missed walking outside and going to restaurants. He told me that he still ate out, but only at certain places. “We try to go somewhere—how do I say this correctly?—with like-minded individuals,” he said. “You know. Where it’s not a mixing pot.”

Um, I am guessing he means white people, as like-minded individuals since he doesn’t want to be in a mixing-pot type situation.
After reading the New Yorker article, it’s no surprise Darren Wilson gunned down Michael Brown. He reeks of racism and stupidity rolled into one. He’s trending on Twitter today. The tweets continue to slam the officer. Many believe he did not have to murder Michael Brown. Still, I believe that Michael Brown engaged in a scuffle with Wilson, and was wrong, but he didn’t deserve to be riddled with bullets.