mansur ball-bey police-involved shooting
Mansur Ball-Bey ID’d as Suspect Killed in Police-Involved Shooting in St. Louis

Mansur Ball-Bey identified as the suspect killed by police in St. Louis, Mo., on Wednesday. The police went to a home to serve a warrant when they were accosted by two men, one of whom pointed a a gun at the officers.

Tensions are rising as protesters take to the streets over Mansur Ball-Bey’s death.

Police say Ball-Bey, 18, stopped and pointed a gun at the officers, KMOV reports. The two officers then fired a total of four gunshots towards the suspect, police say.

The St. Louis Metro PD Chief Sam Dotson said four guns were recovered — “one in house, two suspects dropped, one the deceased suspect dropped near a dumpster before dying.”

Mansur Ball-Bey was shot outside a crack house with a stolen gun in his possession and people are marching…really?