samuel dubose
Report: Samuel DuBose had Two Pounds of Marijuana, Thousands of Dollars in Car

Former NYPD officer John Cardillo said Samuel DuBose had two pounds of marijuana and thousands of dollars in his car when he was pulled over by former University of Cincinnati cop Ray Tensing. The problem is that this was not in the police report. Still, he didn’t deserve to be shot in the head.

Cardillo, who made the comments on HLN’s “Dr. Drew,” also said DuBose was a drug dealer, though there was no evidence that Tensing had any knowledge as a basis for pulling him over.¬†Of course, Cardillo is pro-cop, so I don’t expect him to be sympathetic to Samuel DuBose. It’s just pathetic that he’s smearing the victim.

Samuel DuBose was holding a bottle of air freshner before he was fatally shot by Tensing.

I can’t wait to hear the response from DuBose family attorney Mark O’Mara on John Cardillo’s claims.