Donald Trump anti-Muslim
Donald Trump Continues to Defend ANTI-MUSLIM Fan at NH Rally (Photo Credit: Flickr via Donkey Hotey)

Donald Trump continues to defend the Islamaphobic questioner at a New Hampshire rally he held last week. During an interview with “60 Minutes” Scott Pelley, Trump refused to correct the questioner’s comments that President Obama was not a Muslim.

This time Trump is now blaming his reaction on the terrorist attack on 9/11. Um, whatever.

Donald Trump continues to defend anti-Muslim comments:

Scott Pelley: We were with you in New Hampshire when that man stood up…

Donald Trump: Yes.

Pelley: And said, “We have a problem in this country and it’s Muslims.” You let that pass. And I wonder what that tells us about you.

Trump: Well, he said much more than that. That was part of the statement. He then went onto say other things.

Pelley: But the bigotry part.

Trump: Right. He said mostly about Obama. That whole question was about — I don’t have to defend President Obama. He’s not gonna defend me. So whether you agree with the man or don’t agree — and there were people in that audience, as you probably noticed, that did agree with him.

The entire interview will air on “60 Minutes” on Sunday. Donald Trump’s star is fading fast….There is no way he can win an election going birther.