donald trump
LOL: Donald Trump Threatens to Sue Club for Growth Over Negative Ads (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

LOL: Donald Trump threatens to sue Club for Growth for reminding voters about his liberal economic policy positions.  His campaign released a “cease and desist” letter sent by his general counsel, Alan Garten, to Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

So, it’s okay for Donald Trump to attack anyone who dares ask him a legitimate question about the issues or remind voters about the many, many liberal positions he has taken through the years?

“In the interest of avoiding what will certainly be a costly litigation process, we are prepared to offer you the one-time opportunity to rectify this matter by providing us with your prompt written assurances that (i) you have stopped running the Attack Ads; and (ii) you will not generate or disseminate any misleading or inaccurate information or make any factually baseless accusations… with respect to my client at any point in the future.”

Club for Growth isn’t backing down, saying the ads will continue to run:

“Tough guy Donald Trump starts whining when his liberal record is revealed,” said McIntosh. “Trump has advocated higher taxes numerous times over many years, just like he’s advocated for universal health care, the Wall Street bailout, and expanded government powers to take private property.

“Trump’s own statements prove that our ads are accurate. They will continue to run. We suggest that Donald grow up, stop whining, and try to defend his liberal record.”

Every time someone goes against Donald Trump, he threatens to sue. He needs to stop whining and take his licks like an adult. He’s acting like a playground bully. He wants to cheat his way to the GOP presidential nomination, only that’s not going to happen.