fox sports-branded youth soccer jerseys
Park Slope Parents Upset Over Fox Sports-Branded Youth Soccer Jerseys (Photo Credit: YouTube via AYSO)

Park Slope parents are upset over the Fox Sports-branded youth soccer jerseys their kids are wearing as the season gets underway. The American Youth Soccer Organization made a big announcement about the jerseys bearing the Fox Sports 1 insignia. Um, that’s not sitting well with some parents in the Brooklyn community, the NY Times reports.

Jeremy Shannon, both an assistant coach and a referee for his children’s teams, put it in a letter of protest to AYSO’s directors that he shared with various parents this month: “A serious discussion needs to be had in the association if our kids are now billboards for sale.”

Mr. Shannon is an architect, and he has spent a lot of time thinking about his reaction to this intrusion of branding. “If it were something else, ‘Vegans for Peace,’ would I have really made a big issue?” he said. It was the Fox component “that was probably what initially got my blood going.”

Of course, the parents are being mocked on Twitter. But, really, Fox Sports? Now we know what really gets under some people’s skin.