Ebony Magazine sparked controversy with its November issue cover of a shattered Cosby Show. Ouch. The cover features a shattered picture of the fictional Huxtable family.

The magazine examines the real Bill Cosby versus Cliff Huxtable, the fictional character he played in the issue on black families. Bill Cosby’s image has been shattered with the reemergence of allegations he drugged and sexually assaulted more than 50 women dating back 40 years.

shattered cosby show cover
Ebony Magazine Sparks Controversy with Shattered Cosby Show Cover

I don’t agree with some of the statements in the article, but I will say, this is a conversation we must have. The shattered Cosby show cover is on point. The freakout on Twitter by those who believe Ebony magazine crossed the line shouldn’t just be on the magazine cover, but instead on the alleged sexual assault of nearly  50 women. Why not vigorously defend them instead of Cosby’s legacy?

Has anyone heard from Phylicia Rashad? It seems she had plenty to say before some of the statements Bill Cosby made during the deposition came to light. I guess cat’s got her tongue now.