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[PICTURED]: Paris Suicide Bomber Ahmed Almuhamed Entered Europe Posing as Refugee

Syrian passport of Paris suicide bomber found after he blew himself, entered Europe via Greek island of Leros.

One or two of the Paris suicide bombers allegedly came into Europe posing as refugees. A woman may have been a part of the ISIS-inspired terror squad.

Serbia media claims the Syrian passport was found on Ahmed Almuhamed after he allegedly blew himself up at the Bataclan concert hall were 89 people was murdered on Friday.

Blic claims Almuhamed arrived with another of the bombers in Europe via the Greek island of Leros on October 3, en route to Paris. Greek website Protothema published ferry tickets showing the name of a second man, Mohammed Almuhamed, who could be related to Almuhamed.

This is why we should not let any refugees into the U.S. from Syria because we cannot properly vet these people. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wants to take about 65,000 while rival Bernie Sanders has no limit. Given the threat of ISIS, we shouldn’t allow these refugees into the U.S. I am with the Republicans on this issue. No refugees from Syria or the Middle East at this juncture.

One of the Paris attackers has been identified as French national Omar Ismaël Mostefai , 29, from Courcouronnes, Paris. He has been known to police as a radical and was identified by fingerprint after he detonated his suicide belt. Investigators believe two of the bombers were carrying Syrian passports. Two are believed to be French and the others could be Belgian.

Police are looking for two other suspects who are thought to be on the run. A vehicle has been found with three AK-47 machine guns in Paris.

[Photo Credit: Blic]