Bradley Doyley, 21-year-old Buffalo State College basketball player, dies after suspected hazing incident in which he was made to drink “detergent or sewer water.”

buffalo state college bradley doyley dies
Bradley Doyley, Buffalo State College Basketball Player, Dies After Suspected Hazing Incident [Photo Credit: Buffalo State College]
Buffalo police are investigating Doyley’s death as part of a hazing incident at BSC’s off-campus Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house. Police say he was not a member of the fraternity.

Students, however, have contradicted the police reports, saying Bradley Doyley was forced to drink something as a form of hazing.

Demetrius Brown told the Buffalo News, “I was in the weight room and heard he was pledging and was made to drink some type of toxic substance. I keep hearing different stories. First it was detergent, then some said sewer water.”

Bradley Doyley, a business major set to graduate in the spring, died at Buffalo General Medical Center after he became ill.

The college and the fraternity’s national governing body has suspended the Buffalo State College chapter.