The University of Connecticut stoked controvery after it introduced a dorm for male students who “identify as African American.” In other words, a racially-segregated dorm.

UConn Introduces ScHOLA²RS House for Students Who “Identify as African American” [Photo Credit: UConn ScHOLA²RS Screengrab]
According to the website, the ScHOLA²RS House (“Scholastic House Of Leaders who are African American Researchers & Scholars”) is a “designed to support the scholastic efforts of male students who identify as African American/Black through academic and social/emotional support, access to research opportunities, and professional development.”

A UConn official told Fox 61 that the ScHOLA²RS House is “a space for African American men to, one, come together, and validate their experiences that they may have on campus… it’s also a space where they can have conversation and also talk with individuals who come from the same background who share the same experience.”

This will undoubtedly spark a lot of negative backlash. Is this 2016 or 1916?

[H/T Campus Reform]