President Obama's Cuba Visit
President Obama’s Cuba Visit: Tweets “Que Bolá Cuba?” After Air Force One Lands

Obama’s Cuba Visit: President Obama has made history as the first president to visit Cuba in over 80 years. He tweeted, “Que bolá Cuba? Just touched down here.” This is the first time Air Force One has ever landed on Cuban soil.

President Obama landed with a lot of big name business executives, including Starwood, that is set to open a new hotel in Cuba. He and his family will tour Old Havana on Sunday, among other stops. On Monday, President Obama will meet with President Raul Castro, lay a wreath at the Jose Marti Memorial and “participate in a discussion about entrepreneurship and opportunity with cuentapropistas, or Cuban entrepreneurs,” the White House wrote on Medium. On Tuesday, “the First Family will attend a baseball game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National team at the LatinoAmerican Stadium.”

Right wing heads are exploding, starting with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, about Obama’s Cuba visit:

Other reaction to Obama’s Cuba visit: