I guess Bernie Sanders supporters were more than happy to throw $1 bills at Hillary Clinton’s motorcade as she attended a fundraiser at George Clooney’s home in Hollywood as though they were making a statement. Yes, the statement is that either way, win or lose, life will go on for the Clintons.

bernie sanders supporters
Bernie Sanders Supporters Throw Money at Hillary Clinton’s Car Outside George Clooney Home

George Clooney, who has done more for humanitarian causes around the world is now being attacked by Sanders’ supporters. He admitted that he is raising an “obscene” amount of money on Clinton’s behalf. But the real reason is to defeat the Republican-led Senate. That’s something Bernie Sanders has no desire of doing. Who is going to ride his coattails into Congress? Sanders has done very little to help the down ballot races.

Clooney got $15 million out of the Hollywood big-shots, which was on par with the record-breaking event that he hosted for President Barack Obama in 2012, but I don’t recall hearing peep out of Bernie Sanders or his supporters back then. Some of the money will fund Democrats in congressional races. Shorter version, George Clooney is doing the dirty work while Bernie Sanders seeks to reap the benefits.

Here’s the full context of George Clooney’s statement on why he’s raising an “obscene” amount of money:

Bernie Sanders is fundraising off Clooney’s comments but left out one important part — the reason he was raising such large sums of money. Usual dishonesty from Sanders.

I have yet to see one of her supporters disrespect Bernie Sanders on such a large scale. His surrogate Paul Y. Song called the Democrats in Congress and Mrs. Clinton “corporate whores.” B-list actress Rosario Dawson called her a murder, while Susan Sarandon said she wouldn’t support her if she became the nominee.

I don’t dislike Bernie Sanders. Quite frankly, I like some of what he says, but I loathe a Socialist and what they stand for — redistributing wealth. Further, with the 20-plus years that he has been in Congress, he has yet to form any kind of coalition beyond the sycophants we see stalking Hillary Clinton, her surrogates and supporters both on the campaign trail and on social media sites like Twitter.

Sanders has yet to offer concrete plans on how he would achieve his signature platform issues — free college tuition, breaking up big banks and going after Wall Street. His supporters are oblivious to the fact that no Congress will allow him to run up the deficit with these proposals, not even with a Democratic majority in the House and Senate.