The Congressional Black Caucus pushing back on Bernie Sanders request that the Democratic National Committee get rid of superdelegates and hold open primaries.

bernie sanders black lawmakers
Bernie Sanders Collides with Black Lawmakers on Call to Abolish Superdelegates [Photo Credit: Wikipedia]
CBC Chairman Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) wrote in a letter that Sanders’ call for open primaries would “dilute minority voting strength in many places.” Open primaries would allow independent and Republican voters to interfere with the process of electing Democrats.

“We passed a resolution in our caucus that we would vehemently oppose any change in the superdelegate system because members of the CBC might want to participate in the Democratic convention as delegates but if we would have to run for the delegate slot at the county level or state level or district level, we would be running against our constituents and we’re not going to do that,” said Butterfield. “But we want to participate as delegates and that’s why this superdelegates system was created in the beginning, so members would not have to run against their own constituents.”

If Bernie Sanders had taken the time to get to know black leaders and black voters, not just the Black Lives Matter crowd and Nina Turner, he would have realized that the superdelegates serve a purpose and open primaries could lead to mischief-making by Republicans. If you want to vote in a Democratic primary, you need to be registered as a Democrat. Further, Bernie Sanders’ hypocrisy is glaring. He seems to be okay with the  undemocratic caucus system.