Donald Trump campaign buffoon ‘Pastor’ Mark Burns tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton blackface. Gee, I wonder what Trump promised him for sinking so low? He is just another snake in the pulpit.

mark burns hillary clinton blackface
Trump Campaign Buffoon ‘Pastor’ Mark Burns Tweets Cartoon of Hillary Clinton in Blackface

Burns is stating that blacks are illiterate and hate the police. He’s playing right into Donald Trump’s shameful and despicable narrative. Um, don’t expect the Trump campaign to repudiate.

Mark Burns Hillary Clinton in blackface tweet

So, it’s okay for Donald Trump to pander to black voters by telling us that we are getting shot walking down the street and life is just one fucking big mess, but Hillary Clinton has shown more interest in issues confronting the black community and she is accused of using us? Really? I seem to remember that when she was fighting to segregation Donald Trump and his daddy were sued for housing discrimination.

Mark Burns defended the tweet during an interview with MSNBC’s Kristen Welker. He asked her “who her ancestors are.” That’s while he yelled and babbled incoherently. This man’s church should be empty because this just downright offensive. He’s Donald Trump’s Stepin Fetchit.

He was dragged on Twitter:

[Photo Credit: Facebook via Mark Burns]