A recent Florida poll conducted by Monmouth University Polling Institute finds that a majority of voters are skeptical of Donald Trump’s walkback of President Obama birther controversy, saying his admission was done for political reasons.

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Poll: Most Florida Voters Skeptical of Trump’s Sincerity on Obama Birther Controversy

The poll found that 75% of Florida voters heard about Trump’s admission but doubt his sincerity.¬†“Only 24% think that Trump actually believes Obama is a natural born citizen, while the majority (54%) say Trump only made the statement for political reasons.”

About¬†18% percent say “Trump’s statement makes them less likely to vote for him and just 4% say it makes them more likely.”

Um, in other words, all that work Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway did by pushing him to make the admission was for nothing. Most people don’t believe him. Blaming Hillary Clinton for starting birtherism was also a bad move because it is a LIE.

The Obama birther controversy has hurt Trump pretty bad, especially among college-educated white suburban women. The black community is also enraged and I suspect this controversy will not die. I hope Trump will be asked at the debate next week about his five-year long quest to denigrate and delegitimize the nation’s first black president on the basis of lies and conspiracy theories.

Clinton leads Trump by five points — 46% to 41% in Florida. While 6% plan to vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson and 1% for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. About 5% are undecided. Clinton has strong support among black, Asian and Hispanic voters, who make up about one-third of the electorate, Monmouth reports. She leads Trump 69% to 16% among non-whites. He has a 53% to 35% advantage among white voters.