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Ana Navarro Shreds Trump Over Alicia Machado Attacks: “Drunk Tweeting Sober”

CNN conservative contributor Ana Navarro completely destroyed Donald Trump and his lackey Jeffrey Lord during AC360 Friday night, saying he was ‘drunk tweeting sober’ in his attack on Alicia Machado.

Navarro said “I think Melania for the good of the county should try to smother him with a pillow when she sees him reach for that Twitter.”

“Donald Trump is the only person I know who drunk-tweets…. sober,” she said.

Navarro also slammed Trump as “insane.” ” “For three or four weeks he stuck to the TelePrompTer… we’d almost forgotten he was insane.”

You can say Ana Navarro won the internet while skewering Donald Trump as acting like a teenage boy.

Watch Ana Navarro completely destroy Donald Trump: