Donald Trump went on another epic Twitter meltdown claiming all polls are fakes invented by Democrats.

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Donald Trump Goes on Twitter Meltdown Claims All Polls are Fakes Invented by Democrats

Um, can you imagine what’s going to happen when the election results come in on Nov. 8 and he lost? Never mind the fact that he is a bad candidate, who constantly tramples over his own message.

Trump has only been touting online polls from sites like the Drudge Report, which can be manipulated by visitors voting over and over. All the scientific polls have mostly showed Clinton with a growing lead.

Trump also accused the media of being in the “tank” for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. It seems that Trump wants the media to lie to the public that he is leading. Even his own campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, says he is trailing:

He also attacked the U.S. military by seemingly spreading ISIS propaganda:

By the way, NY Times Upshot has Clinton’s chance of beating Trump at 93% to 7%. Let that sink in. If this is going according to the trends in the polls, his loss will have an effect on down ballot Republicans.

Hillary Clinton's chances of winning increases