Alabama police officer Aaron “AC” Smith was indicted by a grand jury on a murder charge in the connection with the shooting death of 59-year-old Gregory Gunn, who is black.

gregory gunn shooting death
Alabama Cop Indicted on Murder Charge in Gregory Gunn Shooting Death [Photo Credit: Gunn familty photo]
During an interview with CNN, district attorney Daryl Bailey told CNN that no trial date has been set.


Bailey said in a statement, “A state Bureau of Investigation Agent, Magistrate, District Court Judge and now a Grand Jury have all determined probable cause that Aaron C. Smith should be charged with the crime of Murder.”

He added, “A jury will determine his guilt or innocence.”

Gunn was killed in the wee hours on February 25 while he was walking home to his mother’s house in Montgomery. His brother Kenneth said Gunn had been on his way home from a visit to his girlfriend after leaving his job at a grocery store.

Smith, who is white, approached Gunn on foot, the police said. Chief Ernest Finley said at some point there was a struggle between Gunn and the 23-year-old officer that resulted in his shooting death.