The Mecklenburg County district attorney will not file charges against Officer Brentley Vinson in the Keith Lamont Scott shooting death because the use of deadly force was “lawful.”

keith lamont scott shooting death
No Charges Filed Against Officer in Keith Lamont Scott Shooting Death

DA Andrew Murray said that “all the credible evidence” leads to the conclusion that Scott was armed. He said his DNA was found on the grip of a gun that was found at the scene.

Murray acknowledged that while the evidence didn’t support charging the officer, “>not everyone experiences the same Charlotte.”

During a press conference on Wednesday, Murray showed surveillance footage from a convenience store shortly before the deadly encounter at an apartment complex. The footage showed a bulge around Scott’s ankle. Murray said that bulge is consistent with the holster and guns.

Murray said at least three officers reported seeing Scott holding the gun before he was fatally shot by Officer Vinson. That was not seen on the dashcam video.

Scott’s blood tests indicated presence of diazepam, amantadine, babapentin, nicotine, nordiazepam and promethazine. His family’s attorney said the drugs were being used to treat Scott’s traumatic brain injury.

Protests rocked Charlotte after Scott was shot, turning deadly on the first night. The city of Charlotte issued the following statement: