A white mob threatened a group of Black Lives Matter activists after a Chicago police officer gunned down Joshua Beal, telling them “n*ggers go home,” DNAInfo.

joshua beal
White Mob Tells BLM Activists: “N*ggers Go Home” After Joshua Beal Shot by Cops

Joshua Beal, 25, who black, was shot and killed by a police officer Saturday afternoon after he got into a road rage argument with an off-duty firefighter who cut into a funeral procession, in which Beal was a part of.

Police say Beal was shot to death after he failed to drop a gun when he was confronted by police. No word on whether Beal fired his weapon or not.

A group of Black Lives Matter activists tried to visit the site of the shooting to check on Beal’s family, when they were accosted by a group of white people holding a Blue Lives Matter flag and telling them to go away.

BLM activist Kofi Ademola said, “A young white guy [walked] up with a baseball bat.” “The police took the baseball bat from him. White people are driving by and yelling at us ‘n*ggers go home!’ Get the f*ck out of here! Blue Lives Matter.’ More of them got out of the car and chanted ‘CPD! Blue Lives Matter.’”