President Obama, please stop mansplaining why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election. We don’t need to be told that Clinton was too cautious or that she “played it safe.” She most likely would have won had it not been for FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress 11 days before the election.

hillary clinton lost election
President Obama, Please Stop Mansplaining Why Hillary Clinton Lost the Election

Obama told former adviser and longtime friend David Axelrod during an interview for his podcast The Axe Files that “I could’ve mobilized a majority.” Um, Hillary did too, to the tune of 2.86 million more popular votes than Donald Trump.

Listen to President Obama’s interview with David Axelrod on The Axe Files:

Russia’s sabotage, WikiLeaks email dump and the media obsession with emails, the Clinton Foundation and just about everything Hillary Clinton said and did also played a role in her defeat. Despite the attacks, she held her head high and was dignified throughout the whole process. Was she perfect? No. But did she make history? Hell yes. She is the first woman to become the presidential nominee of a major party in the U.S. Don’t cheapen her accomplishments. It’s an insult to women everywhere.

David Axelrod has been anti-Clinton from the start. It seems like he has had some sour grapes with the Clintons for whatever reason, but for President Obama to take part in a circular firing squad about her defeat is just wrong. It appears to be a sexist hit from a bunch of men. It’s not cool. President Obama is ending his presidency on a petty note. He joins Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden in making claims that they could have beaten Trump. Yep, the good ole boys club. Obama and Biden could have stepped in when Bernie and this surrogates tried to impugn Mrs. Clinton’s reputation, saying she’s not qualified for the White House. Remember when one of Sanders’ supporters, Dr. Paul Song, called Mrs. Clinton a “corporate whore?” Neither Obama nor Biden decried the comments.

I do believe President Obama would have beaten Donald Trump, but there is a small chance that he could have lost. That’s especially if the Trump campaign played the same dirty games as they did to Clinton.

Obama said his coalition would have come out for him. Well, some were upset that they were told to vote for Hillary Clinton because it would be an insult to his legacy and they didn’t come out. The same coalition didn’t bother showing up for the 2010 midterm elections, giving Republicans a majority in the House. We haven’t recovered from that yet.

Hillary Clinton responded: “The holidays are a time to be thankful for our blessings. Let’s rejoice in this season.”