Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd size was far less than the crowd size that turned out for president Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009. In fact, it was one-third the size of President Obama’s inauguration.

trump's inauguration crowd
Trump’s Inauguration Crowd Way Less Than Massive Crowd at Obama’s in 2009 [Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey]

In fact, even the National Park Service retweeted an image of both inauguration crowds. Why? Because Donald Trump will lie and say he had the biggest turnout in inauguration history. Just like his lie that the inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial was a first while ignoring the abysmal turnout of his joke of an concert.

Well, it seems as though the Trump administration hasn’t gotten a hold of the National Park Service’s Twitter page yet. I’m sure this retweet will be gone soon but not before they took more digs against Trump:

The Financial Times reports that the crowd size at Trump’s inauguration was a measly 250,000. That is pathetic.

Here’s the reaction on Twitter:

Trump supporters just can’t handle the truth. They are retweeting fake pictures of his inauguration crowd. These people stop at nothing.