A fundraising email for Georgia Republican congressional candidate Karen Handel, who is running to fill the 6th Congressional district seat vacated by Tom Price, promises she will “end Muslim immigration.”

karen handel
GA GOP Congressional Candidate Karen Handel Will “End Muslim Immigration,” Fundraising Email Says [Photo Credit: Twitter]
The email, which was sent by the Save The American Way PAC, says, “If elected to Congress, she will work to build a wall on the border and end Muslim immigration,” the Huffington Post reports.

The email is in keeping with the anti-Muslim rhetoric being pushed by Donald Trump, whose travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries has been blocked by a federal court and stayed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Trump is set to issue a new order some time this week.

Ms. Handel has said that she does not agree with a Muslim ban and distanced herself from the PAC.

Career political candidate Karen Handel is no stranger to pushing controversial positions. The former secretary of state has been running for higher office for quite some time. Unsuccessfully, I might add. Here’s what I wrote about Ms. Handel back in 2014:

“As a resident of Georgia, I can tell you that Karen Handel’s tenure as Secretary of State was not without controversy. That’s including her disqualification of a Democratic candidate, Jim Powell, who was running for the Public Service Commission five days before the July primary, despite the advisory opinion of an administrative law judge. Her decision was overturned by a Fulton County Superior Court judge.  She lost to Nathan Deal in 2010, after quitting as SOS to run in the gubernatorial race. After losing that election, she was appointed senior vice president of public policy at Susan G. Komen for the Cure in 2011.  She quit that job in February 2012 after a dust-up with Planned Parenthood. Her efforts to defund the organization resulted in a backlash of the worst kind for Susan G. Komen.The fact is, Karen Handel isn’t right for black, Hispanic or LGBT Georgians. She calls herself a “nation builder,” but for whom? Here’s an excerpt from a previous Karen Handel blog post in which she pushed a voter suppression scheme.

Karen Handel wasn’t fit to become Georgia’s governor in 2010 and she’s not fit to fill the Congressional seat in 2018 or beyond. One thing I know is that she is a polarizing figure, who has no qualms about trampling all over voting rights, gay rights and issues confronting the black community.

There are 18 candidates running to succeed Tom Price, who was recently confirmed the Health and Human Services Secretary. They include 11 Republicans, five Democrats and two independents.

The Republican candidates include Amy Kremer, Bob Gray, Bruce LeVell, Dan Moody, David Abroms, Judson Hill, Karen Handel, Keith Grawert, Kurt Wilson, William Llop and Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan.

Democratic candidates include Jon Ossoff, Ragin Edwards, Rebecca Quigg, Richard Keatley and Ron Slotin. I urge young people to get engaged in the process and do some research about all these candidates.